Sparks of Innovation

BMG EDM Solutions

BMG is an expert wire edm manufacturer which was established in 2009, in Suzhou, China. It is a high-tech innovative enterprise with independent R & D and production capacity in close cooperation with colleges and universities. Our company's main products are CNC Wire-Cut Electric Discharge Machines such as "WEDM-HS" and "WEDM-LS", and carries out sales and technical services at home and abroad. Moreover, we customized different series of machine structure and size according to customers' requirements. We pay much attention to product quality and after-sales service. "Quality first, Service first and Customer first" is the company's consistent guideline and enterprise development direction. We promise to provide our customers with best wire edm machining and wire edm services. BMG people take improving China's manufacturing equipment as their own responsibility, and are committed to providing WEDM-HS and WEDM-LS with reliable quality, excellent performance and outstanding cost performance to the majority of enterprises, military units and educational institutions. The company took the lead in launching the "Five-Axis CNC Wire-Cut Electric Discharge Machine" in China, which is equipped with 0.1 μm intelligent control system of low-speed wire cutting with high resolution, fundamentally improves the performance of mid-speed wire cutting machine tool, realizes the accuracy comparable to that of low-speed wire cutting machine tool, and brings great convenience and high stability to customers. After more than 12 years of R & D and experience accumulation, BMG company has become a source manufacturer with truly independent intellectual property rights, complete mastery of system source code and core technology.BMG has the patent and certification of 1SO9001 quality assurance and the CE standard certification for selling at the European market.