inner hole centering of Wire Cut EDM

Is it still so troublesome for inner hole centering of Wire Cut EDM? BMG 5-axis CNC Wire EDM adopts the self-developed WEDM system,it has the practical functions of edge seeking, two-point center, three-point center, four point center, AR axis rotation, vertical calibration, DA || DB, etc.We turn on “Edge seeking and Alignment” here, select “Four Point Center”, select “AUTO”, and select any axis to realize automaticly centering.It also equipped with the same Remote Control Box as the brass wire EDM, which is more convenient to operate.Now we can see that the machine tool automatically runs in four directions and collects coordinates,After calculation by system, the machine tool will automatically run to the center point and give a prompt.This will save us a lot of time for processing.Welcome to discuss in the comment area

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