Normal Question

Q: Tell me more about technical assistance ? Do you have a specialized department to help us if we need help?

A: We have a professional after-sales team and strong technical support. We will respond and solve any professional problems at the first time. In case of special problems that cannot be effectively solved remotely, we will also arrange after-sales technicians to arrive at the site for solution.

Q: Is max taper 10°?

A: The maximum taper for basic machines is 10 degrees, but we can also customize larger tapers according to your requirements.

Q: About lubrication system , is it manual or automatic? Does it use oil or grease?

A: The high-frequency moving parts are lubricated by automatic oil supply and timing, and the low-frequency moving parts are lubricated by centralized grease storage.

Q: Does X/Y/U/V/Z are stepping or servo motors?

A: Except that A series is stepping motor, W and BW series are servo motors. We use Panasonic brand servo motors.

Q: Does the machine has his own drawing software? Or need to use an external software?

A: Yes, the system is equipped with our self-developed graphics code processing program based on CAD, so you can draw directly in our software and use it like CAD, or you can choose other wire cutting programming software with G code storage applications. And five programming formats are supported, such as (NC, 2NC, 3NC, 3B, ANJ)

Q: What do you mean with graphic rotation?

A: After the workpiece is installed, the system can easily obtain the reference datum, and then process it without tedious disassembly and assembly to move the workpiece to the specified parallel or vertical state.

Q: If I need to cut aluminum materials, is your machine equipped with aluminum cutting device? What are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum cutting device?

A: Yes, there are device options for processing aluminum materials.
1. The working liquid of cutting aluminum and cutting steel can not be mixed. the working liquid after cutting aluminum will be sticky with aluminum powder in it. If it is used to cut steel parts again, the surface of molybdenum wire will stick with aluminum powder, affecting the roughness, accuracy and cutting efficiency of steel parts. So it’s recommended to prepare two tanks, one for cutting aluminum and one for cutting steel.
2. When use the aluminum cutting device, the discharge output terminal is changed from the original conductive block output to the wire transport drum output, the current first passes through the screw and bearing of wire transport drum, which has a slight impact on the service life of the screw and bearing. In addition, aluminum cutting carbon brush need to be replaced regularly and maintenance work will be increased.
3. Since the discharge output is changed to the output of wire transport drum, when it is used to cut steel parts, the cutting efficiency will be about 15% lower than that of the machine tool without the aluminum cutting device (standard machine tool) To sum up, if the aluminum products accounted for a small proportion of all yours, then it is not recommended to take aluminum cutting device, if the proportion is a little large, such as more than 25%, then it is recommended to choose aluminum cutting device.

Q: Your machine is ready for all materials?

A: Yes, our machine is ready for all materials which can be processed electrically. The processing database is one of our unique advantages. The database of our system has a large amount of actual processing application experience and related parameter libraries that can be used or referenced.

Q: It says optional 0.4 roughness, what’s the meaning? Does it need an extra accessory?

A: The normal accuracy of our WEDM-MS is 0.4-0.8. The surface roughness is related to the material of the workpiece and the experience of the operator, but it will not exceed 0.8, (for example if the workpiece not very thick and operator has enough experience then also can process the surface to 0.4). If it needs to reach 0.4 steadily, I suggest that it needs to be modified, or our low-speed wire cut EDM machine tool can be used directly.

Q: About software and cpu maintenance: Does the software runs on Windows? And if software fails? Does machine has it’s own backup?

A: About the maintenance of software and hardware: it runs on Windows, and the hardware goes through strict repeated inspection and aging test before leaving the factory to ensure stable operation in the later stage; the software has one-key restore backup and archive backup, which can easily repair the faults caused by viruses and abnormal loss of files.

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