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Q: If I need to cut aluminum materials, is your machine equipped with aluminum cutting device? What are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum cutting device?

A: Yes, there are device options for processing aluminum materials.
1. The working liquid of cutting aluminum and cutting steel can not be mixed. the working liquid after cutting aluminum will be sticky with aluminum powder in it. If it is used to cut steel parts again, the surface of molybdenum wire will stick with aluminum powder, affecting the roughness, accuracy and cutting efficiency of steel parts. So it’s recommended to prepare two tanks, one for cutting aluminum and one for cutting steel.
2. When use the aluminum cutting device, the discharge output terminal is changed from the original conductive block output to the wire transport drum output, the current first passes through the screw and bearing of wire transport drum, which has a slight impact on the service life of the screw and bearing. In addition, aluminum cutting carbon brush need to be replaced regularly and maintenance work will be increased.
3. Since the discharge output is changed to the output of wire transport drum, when it is used to cut steel parts, the cutting efficiency will be about 15% lower than that of the machine tool without the aluminum cutting device (standard machine tool) To sum up, if the aluminum products accounted for a small proportion of all yours, then it is not recommended to take aluminum cutting device, if the proportion is a little large, such as more than 25%, then it is recommended to choose aluminum cutting device.

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